Freelance or fulltime?

Why bother now.

It's more than a job.

It's a hobby.

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mailto:satya@witoelar.com January 1997
Official web site of Perspektif, the provocative Indonesian talk show and forum of opinion. The first site I've ever published. It uses 3D images, animated GIFs, white backgrounds, tables, framesets. All the theories to start a new addicting hobby.
June 1997
Official web site of Jalan-jalan Net's useless mailing list. A cyberforum for me and my closest friends from Pangudi Luhur high school. I made the whole site in only one day! Can you believe it? I used framesets to create the clean and simple tab button effect. Kewl eh?
June 1997
The second version of Perspektif Online. More Indonesian netizens acknowledged Perspektif's presence in the internet. Custom designed multiple framesets, bold colors and JavaScript rollovers added to Perspektif's unique character. Still my main site.
August 1997
Official web site of the Indonesian tennis prodigy. One reason for us Indonesians to be proud. The Yayuk Basuki Management provided the material, I create and maintain the site. Mentioned in Tennis Magazine. A very simple design with no frames but lots of visitors.
January 1998
Home of Witoelar Kartaadipoetra. Everything you need to know about my big family. I guess this is where you can look for my baby pictures. Images of familiar objects make this site feels like home, at least for me. I just love JavaScript rollovers, don't you?
May 1998
Uncensored articles on Indonesian student protests. This archive stores stories about the fight for political reform in my beloved country. This rushed site is my most visited site so far. Can you say "4000 in a week"? Don't tell anyone, but I'm going anonymous with this one.
May 1998
The only qualified English magazine about doing business in Indonesia. Nice frame design, don't you think? The challenge this time is to create a site with the same design guidelines as the real magazine. Consistency, man! And, as always, clean, neat, simple, 640x480 friendly.
August 1998
Official web site of the moral movement Barisan Nasional. This organization was built by retired army generals and politicians to knock down the corrupt New Order regime. Total reform! So busy in their work, that they haven't found the time to send me materials to fill up the site.
October 1998
What do you do if you like playing basketball and designing web sites? Make a site for your team of course. That's what I did. The Calculators. So what if we rarely win, it's the look that counts. Since it's a low visitor site, I can tweak some more, like custom window.
November 1998
The transitional version of Perspektif Online is a very accessible site temporarily served until the completion of Perspektif Online version 4. In this simpler design, regular visitors have quicker access to articles, sectioned according to language, Indonesian and English.
February 1999
Arjotos SAA Awards, honor of a lifetime. This "event" (just a polling, actually) is to recognize the good, the bad, the strange characteristics of my design studio teachers. 64 friends in my class vote on 9 categories, including the MVP Award and the JERK Award.
August 1999
Now that everybody in the country (and abroad) know Perspektif, there's no need for long introduction and we can serve up-to-date articles right away. This unique design has customized table-nesting, stretchy layout, and on the background... Wimar's trademark checked shirt!
October 1999
My first corporate site is one for my Dad's company. One of the country's most reputable management consultancy diversed into one of the country's best PR firm (really?). The clean, modern and classy design is to show the company's brand image.
November 1999
A travellers' site? No problem. This time it's for a tour operator in Bali that features outdoor activity packages. The site is a modern web interpretation of its print brochure, but with an online reservation facility for anyone who wants to book.
December 1999
Who says a website for a corporate Intranet must be dull? The same creativeness and originality can be applied. Check out this unfinished project. The homepage has a full-page layout and a "moving sky".
Coming Soon
Perspektif joins detikcom Digital Life, THE most popular site in Indonesia. I would handle the design and Agrakom would handle the maintenance. The design intertwines Perspektif's style with Detikcom's style.
Coming Soon
This big site will not only display environmentally conscious body care products of The Body Shop, but also build an online community of people concerned about the world and society.
Coming Soon
I'm really looking forward to this one. The client is something I can relate to. I'm sure I'm able to do the job. By the way, can you pray? I need all the prayers I can get to get through the tender.